Student Support

Welfare and Guidance Services
Spring Into Training Company will assist you to identify and achieve your training goals and provide you with welfare and guidance services that offer non-judgmental, confidential support. This support incorporates your health, safety, welfare and vocational development. Spring Into Training Company will assist in guidance to professionals.

If you have any specific needs, please let us know how we can help you. Extra support for training and assessment is available to you in many ways including mentoring, external support, company assistance, possible recognition opportunities and provision for special cultural and religious needs. SITTC will assist in guidance to professionals (where applicable).
Provision for Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assistance
Spring Into Training Company is committed to inclusive learning and will endeavor to provide training and assessment materials appropriate to the skill level of the student. Your needs will be privately discussed with you during your enrolment if required.
 Spring Into Training is able to provide further information concerning Language, Literacy and Numeracy assistance. For more information on support please speak to your trainer who can help advice you. Spring into Training Company and staff are committed to client confidentiality.
Flexible Learning and Assessment Procedures
Spring Into Training Company recognizes learning occurs in many ways. Your learning activities may take place on the job, in the classroom, during planned and simulated activities etc. Flexible learning ensures formative/summative and student-centered learning experiences. Assessment methods that meet the rules of evidence for assessment are outlined on your Training Plan. These methods can be modified if needed to suit any special needs you may have during your course.
Privacy Act 2000
Spring into Training follows the Privacy Act 2000. All information collected remains private except for the Workforce and Development, the student and Spring and is never knowingly shared.
Making the most of your training experience
If there’s something that you don’t know or don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask all staff at Spring into Training they are always available to advise help and assist you. Contact our office they will then always point you in the right direction for help.