Recognition for Prior Learning is the Recognition of Current Skills and Knowledge.  (RPL)

If you believe that you already have the skills and knowledge for a unit or units of competence, you may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. You will need to provide current documented evidence that covers a range of situations in which the skills and/or knowledge have been displayed for the qualification you are undertaking. All evidence presented must be verifiable as your own work by completing the Student declaration form and must meet the performance criteria of the unit/s within the qualification.
As there are overlaps between units of competency, one piece of evidence can be relevant to more than one unit of competency. SITTC provides RPL booklets, third party reports, and student declaration forms to be completed for assessment for RPL. Assistance for this process may be sought from the SITTC trainer.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer is a process where you can have previously completed, or partially completed, a  course and have it counted or “credited” towards the course you are about to commence.
To enable credit transfer, your previous study must be equivalent in content and level to the area of the new course.



What’s the difference between credit transfer and Recognition of prior learning?

The difference between credit transfer and recognition of prior learning is the presentation of evidence to prove competence. With credit transfer, evidence has already been assessed by the original RTO that you commenced training with, so all you need to show your assessor is the original or, a certified copy of your Certificate or Statement of Attainment. With Recognition of Prior Learning you must provide enough current, valid evidence to prove your competence to your assessor.
Spring Into Training Company will recognise and accept Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications, Credit Transfers and Statements of Attainment issued by all other RTO’s and accredited Training Organisations.
Your Training Coordinator will provide you with an application form for each unit that you are applying for recognition of Recognition of Prior Learning &/or Credit Transfer.