Payment Plans

Spring offer payment plans where a deposit is required at the beginning of the course and then a pay as you go agreement that is collected by a third part “Pay Smart” where arrangements can be made by a set amount is taken directly from your bank on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis until the total amount of your course has been paid. (Please see copy of Pay Smart document) Assistance can be given to complete the document)
Ask your training provider for information for payment plans.
For assistance with VET Fees you should contact your Australian Apprenticeship Services Network provider who will be able to provide you with assistance, or visit the AASN website for more information.
Payment Plans for Apprentices and Trainees
If you are undertaking a traineeship or apprenticeship pathway it is advised that a payment plan is set up at the commencement of your training.  It is a requirement set by the VET Fees and charges policy that all funded  students must be invoiced prior to commencing a unit, to which the fee or charge applies, commences therefore a weekly/fortnightly/monthly amount as agreed with SITTC will be charged for the unit/s that you will be participating in.
Pay Smart Plans
FFA Pay Smart will debit the bank account/credit card nominated in the schedule of the Direct Debit requested.  It is your responsibility to ensure cleared funds are available in your nominated bank account/credit card to meet the direct debit payment.  If a payment is returned unpaid by your financial institution, you will be responsible for payment of the debit plus an additional $15.00 for return fees and administrative costs incurred by FFA Pay Smart.  If FFA Pay Smart has not received instruction to the contrary form you, we will debit both the next due payment and any overdue amounts on your next scheduled debit date.
No account records or account details will be disclosed to any person or persons except where such information is required in connection with any claim to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit. Fee
Exemptions Concession rates.
Spring Into Training Company do not offer Concession rates on any of our courses or qualifications

Non Payment of Fees
Debt Recovery Process In the situation where fees have not been paid or are being paid within 30 days of invoice, SITTC will take action to recover outstanding fees. Such actions will include reminder invoices posted and email directly to the payee, followed by telephone calls, follow-up letters, or in the last instance, the use of debt collection agencies.
Students who have fallen behind in their payments will not be enrolled in additional units unless appropriate arrangements, agreed to by both the student and SITTC, have been put in place to pay the amount outstanding. Qualification/Statement of Attainment will not be issued if fees due are not paid in full.